We create a more liberal
and greener economy
for us and future generations.

today's value chain elements & issues

mass production

  • Greenhouse gas from production of goods.
  • Inflexible production processes
  • High fixed costs

freight transport

  • Increase of emissions: 2108 Mt CO² / year in 2010 to 8132 Mt CO² / year  in 2050
  • Freight transport can be complex, time intensive, expensive and a waste of energy
  • Noise and exhaust (particulate matter) is burden the environment


  • Massive land consumption through needed warehousing space
  • Operational problems like inaccurate inventory , suboptimal picking or handling returned items.  
  • Fix costs / operational costs

transition elements


  • Push for greener economy

  • Establishing circular economy

  • Fight against climate change and pollution


  • Demand for individual products increases and poses new challenges to processes and machines.

  • Demand for “old” products are decreasing and new production methods are needed to still be profitable


  • Demand for a sustainable economy for us and future generations (FFF / repair cafes)

  • Responsible for 60% decline in the size of populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians

our considerations

We have to reduce our ecological footprint to save the ecosystems and ourself.
By stopping/ reducing manufacturing/ trading goods for better climate we can’t have the same living standard – it will decline. We would trade one problem with another.
We have to create a system that has lesser opportunity costs then the traditional mass manufacturing to make transit smoth and disruptive.

our solution

core idea

Instead of an physical exchange of goods we enable an digital exchange of the good’s production data.


We have to create ...

… software to use machines / devices to reproduce products from just data.

… a way to exchange data differently then we have and also highly secure.

… software and processes to protect intellectual property the whole process of exchange and even beyond that.

… a liberal ecommerce platform for (not only) incorporeal goods

… a way to interact with the bought goods and how to use them.

a worldwide decentralized cross-owner manufacturing network.

technical solutions

We have to create ...

… an I(I)oT Platform

… a license management system 

… en/decrypted streaming technology

… an multi vendor ecommerce platform

… an expandable application platform

… a platform for digital / physical services that works together with the rest of the solutions.


We enable ...

… a circular economy.

… an on-demand economy

… worldwide supply chains, even in the most remote places.

… a reduction of freight transport.

… an economy  that can still grow without the current ecological problems.

What is the main value proposition we have to fulfill to create such a market plattform? 

What is the key element?

The future's key is intellecutal property protection!


If we have to make a comparison to an already existing business – I would say the stock exchange market is the business which is most similar. 

Anecdote: ataex is short for data exchange and is inspired by the word “stock exchange”

who we are

transitional elements

We are dreamers, stubborn people, creators, fathers, free spirits, thinkers, engineers, computer scientists, skeptics, designers and, last but not least, we are black and white – Ulmish.